There’s just something fantastic that happens when the worlds of fitness and relaxation intersect, isn’t there?  Such is the case for yoga and everything associated with it — a solid physical workout that at once centers us spiritually and mentally while offering us a chance to stretch out all those kinks we’ve accumulated sitting at our desks all day long.  Today’s feature focuses on the Zen Circus yoga chair, which brings a bit of Cirque du Soleil into one’s home without too much fanfare to distract from its utility.  According to designers Caroline Kermarrec, Alexia Moisan and Kevin Geffroy, the chair “permits the user to tone up muscles freed from gravity’s effects. After the exercises, the user can relax by creating a coccoon.”  Sounds perfectly wonderful and calming to us.  Imagine coming home after a long day of meetings and getting an intense yet somehow also relaxing — even empowering — workout in before collapsing into a perfect antigravity stance to shake off the worries of the world outside.  Highly flexible and made of wood and fabric, the concept of this chair is one we definitely hope catches on in a big, big way.


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The Zen Circus Yoga Chair


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Photo credits: Caroline Kermarrec