Siemens AvantGarde Space Saving Coffee Maker 1
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I personally love two things, coffee and convenience. The AvantGarde built-in coffee maker will integrate perfectly with your kitchen, without taking up a single square inch of counter space. The Siemens AvantGarde coffee maker is a single, self-contained, intelligent unit requiring no plumbing which will allow you to brew, steam and froth like a professional barista. Beans are ground to the perfect consistency and the grounds and filtered water are then swirled in a pressurized chamber, to extract maximum flavor from the coffee. Grind, brew, dispense and clean residual water from the pipes for perfect taste each time, all with the push of a single button. In addition, a fully programmable automatic timer requires you to simply pour the beans in the night before, and you will awake to the wonderful smell of fresh coffee, now that beats an alarm clock!!

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