Keep Things Crystal Clear with the Polar Ice Tray by Yanko 1
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If there’s just something a little different about the ice in your drink at the next dinner party you attend, look a bit closer to see if it’s entirely transparent.  If so, your host or hostess just might be the proud owner of a polar ice tray from Yanko.  The plastic tray is constructed in such a way that it begins freezing the surface layer of water while the water below stays warmer, thanks to the tray’s insulated bottom.  The top-to-bottom method forces impurities downward as the water freezes, forming a “white ice” layer at the bottom that can be removed before dislodging the perfectly clear ice block, breaking it down and serving it. The concept mimics polar ice formation patters of rivers and lakes – hence the name and the smooth, naturalistic pebble-inspired design.  There’s also an option to freeze an Inukshuk ice sculpture – the official logo of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  The sculpture stands 5” tall x 4” wide, and the tray itself – winner of a 2009 Red Dot product design award – is available direcltly from Yanko in black, white or red for $59.

Polar Ice Tray by Yanko