How to Get Rid Of Old Furniture

There comes a time in every person’s life when one thinks about all the items they own. As we get older, we suddenly appreciate the space our homes provide us with. That being said, one can imagine where people might get the idea to eliminate some pieces of old furniture in their homes.

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Does this sound all too familiar? Have you got similar ideas in mind? Say no more. In the article below, we’ll show you how to get rid of old furniture with ease. Living-space minimalism is the way of the future, and there’s really no reason to avoid the trend. Stay tuned!

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Organize a good old-fashioned yard sale

First things first – try selling some of it. Before throwing something away, always have in mind someone might want to buy it. Even a broken laptop can be attractive to some buyers. That doesn’t mean the sellers are getting friendly offers, though.

But, still – if you can make a dollar out of your used furniture, go for it. Organizing a good old-fashioned yard sale is really the way to go. Also, you’ll have a fun time chatting with neighbors and potential buyers. The whole shindig can get quite romantic. If you remember the famous Raymond Carver short story taking place during a yard sale, you know what we’re talking about.

Instead of throwing your furniture away, you’ll give it a second life in someone’s home. Of course, it’s hard to imagine furniture having feelings or something, but it’s not so hard to have some empathy towards antique items, which have properly served many generations.

Contact antique dealers

Remember that weird, dusty shop on the corner that nobody ever enters? Now you have a reason to visit it. If you’re not allergic to dust covering every little piece of surface available in the store, that is.

Scan your surroundings for antique shops and try talking to the owners. Maybe they’ll be interested in buying some of your furniture. You won’t know until you try.

The older your furniture – the better. That one goes without saying, right? Anyway, your furniture might need some repairs here and there, but an experienced antique dealer will know what to deal with it.

Don’t expect too much money, but as we’ve already mentioned: it still beats transporting it to the dump. Be patient and don’t lose your hopes after getting turned down for the first time!

Try selling it online

If the yard sale doesn’t work out, or you’re not planning one in the first place, and the antique dealer isn’t returning your calls, you can put your furniture up on the web.

Facebook or eBay are the perfect place to sell your old furniture. Facebook is excellent as you have so many others trying to seel old stuff, and there will be thousands in your area who may be looking for antique furniture.

This is your last chance to make some money before turning to other strategies – the ones that don’t involve you trying to sell your old furniture.

Anyway, many folks do this and, with some luck, you’ll be able to sell some of your old furniture inventory. Maybe your old chair set will fit perfectly in the living room of a young couple with a thing for worn-out pieces, or a period drama might need some authentic scenography.

An online ad can reach an audience much bigger than the crowd gathered on your front lawn during the yard sale. Have that in mind!

See if any of your friends like it

Let’s move to some options that don’t involve you getting money for the furniture. There’s a chance some of your friends will gladly accept a present as an antique sofa.

You can organize a little gathering in your home and openly invite them to take anything they want (out of the items you’ve shown them, of course). It’s a great way to get rid of your old furniture, and you’ll feel awesome, too.

Maybe some of your friends secretly adored a piece they’ll accept to carry home if you offer them the chance. Perhaps your friends know someone interested in buying antique furniture? See, your selling options are still in the game.

Donate to charity organizations

Ask around in your social circles, or search the web to find charity organizations that accept furniture donations and will pick them up for free. Although, if a piece of furniture is really damaged, think about other strategies for getting rid of it.

Donate pieces that are in good condition. There’s a chance someone might put them to good use. If organizations you’ve contacted don’t do the pickup part, you can organize the transport yourself.

First, you’ll need to get the furniture out of the house. Of course, some pieces are easy-peas. Others, though, might require additional attention. What to do with bulky pieces of furniture?

First, disassemble them if possible. That way, you’ll ease moving furniture that is difficult to handle. Hire professional movers or ask your friends or relatives to help you carry the stuff. Going for some drinks afterward might just seal the deal. It’s also an excellent way to get everyone together, even if it involves a bit of hard work.

Contact a junk removal service

If the options mentioned above don’t really work out, you can hire a junk removal company. Most of them will take your furniture for a certain price. Now, you’re the one paying for the departure of your items.

Still, it can come in handy when all your other options are dried out. This can also be the first option for folks who just don’t want to think about other ways to get rid of old furniture. They probably wouldn’t bother to read this text.

Still, if you find all other options mentioned here taking away too much of your time, call professionals to the rescue. Eliminate your fear of hiring contractors, see how they can help, sit back, relax and watch as a breath of fresh air streams through your house.

You’ve got metal furniture? Try the scrapyard.

When we say old furniture, most people imagine big wooden tables or wardrobes or something. We seem to forget the last century furniture styles were pretty exciting. What happens if you’ve got some metal furniture that’s been in your home since you can remember?

Let’s say you have a metal bed frame you don’t know how to put to use. What do you do with it? Well, you can take it to the scrapyard and see if the folks there can do something about it.

One thing, though: you’ll need to check if the metal your old furniture is made of his ferrous or non-ferrous.

Most scrap dealers will take both, but there’s a good chance non-ferrous metal will cost more to dispose of. How to differentiate? Hold a magnet against your metal piece of furniture. If it doesn’t stick: that piece of furniture is non ferrous.

Drive it to the dump/rent a roll-off dumpster

So, you’ve tried everything, and nothing worked out. Your old furniture is still occupying much-needed space in your home. Folks with trucks in their possession are here in a better position.

Also, folks with friends with trucks are in an excellent position. For those who don’t have trucks or influential friends, renting a roll-off dumpster is probably the best option. B

asically, a dumpster (you get to choose the size) arrives at your address. You fill it in with all the things you want out of the house, and then you wait for the service provider to come and pick it up. Easy as that.

Bonus tip: Make some art/renovate

There’s also an option we’ll mention here that doesn’t involve throwing away your old furniture. You can awaken your inner artist and try to remodel or renovate some pieces. For example, if you’ve got a chair, you can try painting it in wild colors.

You’ll give it a new life, and who knows – it might once again be a part of your household inventory. Also, a small wardrobe door can serve as a painting canvas. You can hang it next to your neon wall art.

Maybe the hobby you’ve always dreamed of is restoring old pieces of furniture? You can even try selling some of your artwork.

To sum up,

That was all, folks! These were some tips on how to get rid of old furniture. Hopefully, some options closer to the beginning of this text will work out, and you’ll make some money out of it.

If that doesn’t happen, at least some of your friends will enjoy it, or you’ll donate it to charity or community organizations. Now, there’s also an alternative to that. You can try contacting professionals who’ll gladly take your stuff for a certain sum.

If you’ve got metal furniture, you can take it to the local scrapyard. Also, you can try renting a roll-off dumpster. It’s pretty convenient, and you can easily throw away all your furniture in one turn.