Graphy soft seat
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Bury yourself in the Graphy soft seat and experience the ultimate ultimate comfort as imaginated by Gan’s designer, Kensaku Oshiro.
The Graphy soft seat collection is a multi functional and useful addition to any home or college dorm. This bean bag inspired lounger has all the comfort you are looking for after a long party or a hard day, offering all the features and excitement of a traditional bean bag combined with handy features that set it apart from the original.

Graphy soft seat
Gan designed a unique chair based on the bean bag principle that adapts individually to each user.
The Graphy soft seat is light, comfy and available in a wide range colors to suit everyone’s needs. Gan is letting you choose the one that is best suited to match the color scheme in your home.

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Each Graphy lounger is actually made of three sacks stuffed with expanded polystyrene pellets and stitched to each other. In this way people can play, making a shape by the pattern of the fabric and the comfort by the density of stuffing. The Gan easy chairs are covered with cotton upholstery for extra comfort and coziness. The filling and the fabric coverings are specially selected to be long lasting, being easy to clean as and when required to maintain its original appearance for a long time.

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Even tho, Gan is a relatively new name in the furniture market, its a name with a lot of history behind. Gan is the indoor brand of GandiaBlasco and it debut on the market was in the late 80’s when Jose Gandia-Blasco, president of the company, reinvented a family business that had been around for four decades. Today, Gan fabrics and designs are some of the most appreciated products worldwide, specially in the rugs departament, that over the years remained the most important part of their catalog.


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