Furniture Ideas: Contemporary Seating Stools 1
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As I was browsing for new furniture ideas, I came across a site that had a wide variety of contemporary seating stools. Usually, I find an example here and example there, but not several different sizes and models all in one site. Stools are great additions for any home as there seems to always be a need to offer seating in several places in the home. Another advantage is the portability of small furniture since it gives you flexibility in home decorating. These examples all came from the website for Bcrea Furniture.
The first two pictures feature the Solo and Solo Plus. The main difference in the “Plus” is its thicker cushion. The third photo is the Blox which features a “decorative cube” look that is common on the market today. The fourth image is that of the Tubo, a tall cylinder shaped leather stool. You can see that this stool is the perfect height for a counter or kitchen island. Lastly is the Salto featuring a unique shaped seating design making it a cool poolside piece of outdoor furniture.

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