LINUS/SCR Desk by Potocco

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Whether you work in a traditional office or from home, a good desk is crucial. It provides comfort and increases your productivity. Your desk is the central point of your workspace and the place where you spend most of your waking hours. It should be chosen with the utmost care. However, finding the perfect desk can be a hard task. The endless options in the market can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. If simple style is your thing, get the LINUS/SCR Desk by Potocco. It has the 3 most important features people look for in an office desk: function, fashion, and ergonomics.


LINUS/SCR Desk by Potocco


World-renowned designer Stephan Veit is famed for his original pieces which do not compromise on fashion or comfort. LINUS/SCR is one of his best. It has a solid structure finished in matt beech or matt lacquered hide leather. Its compact frame can easily fit into small rooms. The desk comes with 4 small drawers for stationery and other office essentials. It has a small top, long legs, and a neutral hue that perfectly complements any type of office décor. It looks great in different settings. LINUS/SCR Desk by Potocco will tie your office together.



Office furnishings that offer high functionality and superior design have become very popular these days. They make work an enjoyable experience and boost productivity. They offer minimalist aesthetics and new technological features. If you want to add visual excitement to your office, get LINUS/SCR. It will make you look forward to work every single day.

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