toy box with teeth

Ah, the simplicity of childhood.  Remember when the worst part of your day was the moment when you had to put your toys away for the evening, tidy up your room after a day of play and get ready for bed?  It’s been an awfully long time for most of us, but we still remember that sinking feeling that “funtime” was over and that cleanliness was generally something worth loathing. A piece of whimsical design from Tzung Yu-Lu could perhaps change that notion, though, so much so that the Industrial Designers Society of America gave him an award for it.  The “Toy Guardian,” as he calls it, is a toy box with teeth that rolls around on wheels, making the process of putting away toys — drum roll please — fun.  The kiddos can actually hop on top of it and ride it around the room, gleefully tossing small toys into its mouth, “feeding” it for the night and making the parentals happy at the same time.  There’s certainly something to be said for whistling while you work, or at least enjoying your job — so why not set a child up for a lifetime of enjoying the act of getting an important job done by making it a good time?


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The Toy Box with Teeth


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Photo credits: IDSA