Bloom Table Lamp Comes To Life at Your Command

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Here’s a very interesting table lamp concept, the Bloom Lamp, which is ready, at all times, to bloom right underneath your eyes. Whenever you command it, and that means basically each time you need more light, you’ll be able to help that blossom come to life and bring you all that extra light you require. The Bloom Lamp comes in two sizes, either 45.8cm or 60.8cm and will match all your lighting needs. In case you were wondering, the lamp’s collapsible top is a polyamide shade that will let you control the amount of light you’ll want to use at any moment during the day. Unfortunately there are just 99 Bloom Lamps available so if you just fell in love with this lighting concept then you absolutely have to make up your mind and order one as fast as possible.

Bloom Table Lamp 1.jpg
Bloom Table Lamp 2.jpg

Bloom Table Lamp 3.jpg
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