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Decorating Your Bedroom Walls With Mosaic Art

After a long tiring day at work, you may find some peace in the relaxing atmosphere of a well-decorated bedroom. This tranquility can take away your day-long stress and is also conducive to a peaceful sleep. This is why you should never underestimate the power of mosaic.

Now, though the bedroom decorations involve everything from furniture to wall decors, this article will only focus on how you can creatively decorate your empty bedroom walls and turn them into a piece of art.

Let’s get started.

#1. A Large Mosaic Wall Art is Immortal

If you admire art-pieces, then decorating the main wall adjacent to your bed with an oversized statement mosaic wall art should suit you well. This is also the classic approach to fill in the blank walls of any room. It never fails.

Mozaic Wall Art

However, before you hang the mosaic on the wall or insert it, make sure to check if it complements the wall color and the room decor. Remember, the color and ceiling lights are critical to giving your statement mosaic its actual effect.

Mozaic Wall Art 2

It’ll be great if the mosaic you choose can reflect your personality and lifestyle. Go for soothing colors for both the mosaic and the background. White, light blue, peach, or teal are safer options for bedroom walls.

A vibrant mosaic artwork on a warm-toned wall will enhance the beauty of your bedroom. Hanging multi-panel wall arts are also trending. No matter which one you pick, simply use nails or clamps to fasten your artwork properly on the wall.

#2. Mirror, Mirror on Your Wall

Mirrors are amazing light reflectors as they bounce natural light. A mirror can make your bedroom or bathroom look bigger and brighter. So, hanging a large wall mirror with a mosaic border can give your room a rustic charm with a natural glow.

There are a variety of designs from which you can pick your favorite mosaic border. We suggest floral mosaic borders to achieve a natural and refreshing look that never fails to impress.

Mozaic Wall Art 3

You can simply manipulate your wall decor with the trendy geometric mosaic around the mirror too.

#3. Upgrade with Modern Mosaic Art

Adorn your prime bedroom wall with handcrafted mosaic art to draw the eye to the heart of the bedroom. This is a great way to showcase your aesthetic taste through your wall decor.

Mozaic Wall Art 4

The best thing is that you can customize the mosaic patterns and materials of the art piece according to your taste. Both hand-cut marbles and glass tesserae are used to create these magnificent wall decors.

Mosaic art can be a clever addition since it’s contemporary, neat, and most importantly, durable. Mosaic art can sustain a lifetime with proper care. Be sure to hire professionals for crafting quality mosaic arts who can offer you lifetime warranties and meet your standards.

#4. Use Floating Shelves with a Mosaic Accent

If you are obsessed with organizing stuff, it’s better to go with floating shelves that will line the walls of your bedroom. Shelves are good storage options, and, if you can place them well, they can easily manage to stand in for a large piece of art. But how about making those shelves your statement piece instead?

Mozaic Wall Art 5

This is easy and possible through accent mosaic art to embellish the visible side of the shelf. Now you have floating art and shelves to organize your books and decorations.

You can either organize your favorite books or display the statement pieces, houseplants, etc., by hanging a rustic, reclaimed wood shelf. Make the best use of these floating shelves by customizing the space between each shelf to modernize the look.

Hanging framed artworks or family photos are also great ways to utilize these shelves.

#5. Decorate the Wall With Mosaic Graffiti Art

Mosaic art can be anything you want; this is a fact by now.

Show off your artistic skills by covering your blank bedroom wall with contemporary graffiti mosaic art.

Mozaic Wall Art 6

It can make a bedroom wall stand out from the rest with its vibrant and dramatic effects. Go for a minimalistic design and neutral tones if you’re an elegant graffiti lover.

Otherwise, free your imagination and use different shades with crazy illustrations to achieve a bold look. Simply, you can design your own graffiti and have professional mosaic artists replicate the design and immortalize with natural or glass mosaic stones.

#6. Create a Mosaic Gallery Wall

A retro gallery wall gives your bedroom a focal point. If you are not into big mosaic art murals, then a several small framed mosaics are your way to go. Simply, choose different mosaics that appeal to your artistic sense.

Mosaic Wall Art

Then, the alignment of the frames is very important for a neat look. Pick frames of different sizes but maintain symmetry from one side to another of your bed’s border.

Choose the color scheme of the frames wisely. Be it wooden or antique, make sure to match it with the color of your bed and the mosaic to give it a classy finish. Another tip is to pair the frames with other wall arts or souvenirs. This is how you can easily turn your boring blank wall into a dreamy mosaic gallery.

Gold Mosaic Dancer


ART ESCUDELLERS Decorative Figure Flamenco Dancer in Gold Mosaic of Resin Hand Painted with The Modernist Technique TRENCADIS, in The Gaudí Style. 3,15

Final Thoughts

We shared a host of creative ideas on how you can transform your blank wall into the focal point of your room. A blank wall is like a canvas and an intimidating decorating dilemma at the same time.

Your effort to fill it up can make a huge difference. There are lots of other options like murals, hanging fabrics, hats, China plates, etc. Just be a little creative, take some inspiration from the tips we shared above, and go for it.

Mozaics can go in almsot any room in your home, not just your bathroom, and look stunning. Stand out from the crowd by being different.

Hope you can spruce up the empty spots of your bedroom wall and add visual interest to it.

Pictures & Art by Mozaico.


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