Choosing The Right Under Storage Bed

Somehow, every time a new season rolls around and we undergo the ritual of putting away the trappings of the past several months and unearthing those we need for the ones ahead, we act as if I have never done before it.

“How did we amass all this stuff?” we ask ourselves incredulously, although rarely do we get rid of it and “live more,” as we promise ourselves every time a new year rolls around.

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The clever designers behind the elements in today’s image series were thinking ahead when they created these storage beds, who couldn’t use a few extra square feet to sock away those extra summer accents in the winter, or blankets and holiday decorations in the warmer months?

If all else fails, these smart bedroom furnishings can at least free up some space in our closets and dressers.  Just as you can never be overdressed or over-educated, you cannot be without extra storage space.

The Ottoman Storage Bed

The strangely named ottoman bed has its origins in the Turkish Empire and was introduced to Europe in the late 18th Century. The design evolved into a hollow cabinet for storage.

These days the name ottoman bed is a type of storage bed. In its simplest form the bed comprises of a large box roughly the size of a mattress with the lid providing the sleeping surface. The lid is hinged on one side and is opened to access the storage compartment underneath. This concept of storage under bed provides excellent use of space which with a traditional bed would be wasted.

Why choose an Ottoman Bed?

Because they offer a large open storage space compared with other types of storage bed, such as drawer storage beds, making them suitable for storage of a huge variety of items.

Choosing an Ottoman Storage Bed

The first consideration of choice is the size of the bed. The size and layout of the bedroom will generally dictate this but go for the largest size possible. A Larger bed will not only give you a larger sleeping area but also more storage space underneath.

Lifting The Base

To make the lifting of the frame and mattress possible a power gas strut is fitted to the hinge mechanism. This helps top counterbalance to the weight of the mattress and will also hold the lift up parts in the up position.

The power of the gas strut is very important. If the power is not enough the mattress will be very hard to lift and may not stay in the open position; if too strong the mattress will be difficult to lower.

If you are choosing a mattress and bed separately then ideally the gas struts should be interchangeable and the correct power should be selected on installation to suit the weight of the mattress. Check that the combination of your mattress and ottoman bed are compatible before you buy!

The Compartment

The compartment is the storage solution! This large cavity underneath the mattress can be used for many items: collections of items such as books, toys, records, household appliances such as iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner, suitcases, sports bags, clothes, shoes or seasonal clothing, quilts.

Compile a list of item you wish to store to determine the storage space required. Consider the depth of storage too if you wish to hide your suitcase or vacuum cleaner away. A deep compartment may mean making the bed higher but this is no bad thing, as a high bed is easier to get in and out of and brings a sense of importance of the bed in a room.

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Rear Double Storage Bed

South Shore Flexible Platform Bed with Storage and Baskets, Queen 60-Inch, Black Oak

South Shore Flexible Platform Bed with Storage and Baskets, Queen 60-Inch, Black Oak

Under Bed Storage Space

A great idea for a storage bed for kids with lots of toys who like to play with most of them all the time. Plenty of space for cleaning up quickly with big storage boxes for ease of use.

Better Homes and Gardens Loft Storage Bed with Spacious Storage Shelves (Twin, Slate) (Twin, Slate)

Better Homes and Gardens Loft Storage Bed with Spacious Storage Shelves (Twin, Slate) (Twin, Slate)

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BIG Drawer Under Storage Bed

A very large bed with plenty of storage space for all of your spare quilts, blankets, pillows, bedding and whatever else you may want to throw into it. Great size for many uses.

ACME Furniture Ireland Full Storage Bed, Gray Oak

All Around Under Storage Bed

A great design with storage space on both sides. All storage boxes have wheels for easy use.

DG Casa Soloman Upholstered Panel Bed Frame with Storage Drawers and Wood Trim Tufted Headboard, Queen Size in Beige Linen Style Fabric

Front Under Storage Queen Sized Bed

Double draws at the front end of the bed for those who have limited space at the sides or a tight small bedroom.

Home Life Platform Bed with Drawers, Grey

Lift Under Storage Bed

King size bed with a massive mouth to fit all of those things in that you want out of the way. Nice large headboard for the evenings when you want to read or have a glass of wine.

Greatime BS1111-2 Eastern King White Leatherette Storage Bed, Regular King Size, White Storage Bed

Greatime BS1111-2 Eastern King White Leatherette Storage Bed, Regular King Size, White Storage Bed

Twin-Over-Twin Bed with Storage Drawers

Beautiful designed bed with a large single on top and a double bed below. Two big storage draws underneath the bed for extra duvets and quilts.

ACME Furniture 37755 Haley II Storage Bunk Bed, Twin Over Full, Gray

White Double Bed With Pull Out Bed and Storage

A great bed for a large family or when friends and family are coming to visit. Plenty of sleeping space and enough storage to put toys and other things away when the whole bed space is needed.

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed with Slide, White


Storage Platform Queen Bed in Black and White

Contemporary design features curved head and footboards in a black, white and chrome color scheme.

Kingway Furniture Zender Storage Platform Queen Bed in Black and White

Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

A stylish design bed with a nice faux leather base and a large headboard. A simple pull up bed gives you more storage than most will ever need. A great design for those who lack space to the sides in a compact bedroom.

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Button Tufted Headboard Queen Size - Black

Alf 150 Bed found at Danish Inspirations.