Classic and elegant with a rich luxury and European flair, Italian style has an extra bit of class that the rest of the world may be lacking. It’s infused with a clean artistry and founded in sturdy bones, which is why we’ve gathered a list of Italian living room furniture ideas for your to brainstorm and get creative with. Maybe your next room will be inspired by Italian-style interior flavors. Let’s take a peek!

Chic, clean and subtle, this entire room is based on a simple design and easy finish. Muted cream tones, a hint of blue for a relaxing accent within the floating cabinets and a rich chestnut, the natural lighting and light tones make this room feel incredibly spacious and refreshed.

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Unusual Furniture for those who want to stand out…

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Take notice to the accent lounger which is the star of the room with its mixed material vision and contemporary structure.

Italian Living Room with TV Design
E45 System: Outstanding modularity and a wide range of colors and finishes create unique customizable solutions with a wooden or lacquered finish.

Although this space doesn’t seem like the most warm or welcoming, we love its fashion-forward and organic style. This entire system can be customized with a wooden or lacquered finish as well.

We love this light, wood focus making the room seem more tangible. The clean lines and sharp edges never make for the most cozy of rooms, but in this case there’s a most natural vision.

Italian living room furniture ideas
Matt optical white, flint and mist lacquered E45 wall units, raff natural oak Horizon boiserie, optical white lacquered e45 hanging base.

Another room full of refreshing light and structure, complete with the similar floating shelves from our first room choice. The white and natural wood make it a great space for revitalizing yourself after a long day.

The plush, yet modern couch, the lounge chairs that are welcoming yet contemporary and a sleek table in between for functionality.

Italian Sofa and Chairs Living Room Set
Very distinctive and exclusive sofa coating decò which provides combinations monochrome between tissue and leather which are removable and hand washable

We’re in love with this space. It blends Italian vision and traditional, family style with an immense ease. The plush chocolate sofa, the classic coffee tables and powdery blue accent chairs all come together with a modern, European flair and homey senses. We also love the contrast between smooth dark and light tones.

Garcia Cumini living room furniture
Compactness and functionality are the keywords that characterize the Fold system

This living room screams masculine energy. The smooth, dark chocolate foundation paired with classic, contemporary sofas in a hazy blue is both stylish and modern.  And we want you to make sure and notice the golden, industrial light fixtures that add a bit of a bright spot and focus to the space.

Living Room Design with Lighted Shelving
Elegant finishes combined with the magic of the lit glass for this multifunctional bookcase/display unit with shelves that are crossed by a shaft of light.

This bookcase is making us absolutely melt with envy. Used with muti-function options in mind, from displaying or organizing, it also acts as an interesting accent wall to an otherwise more cold and barren living space. We also love the texture feel of the room combining the slick floors, shag throw rug, and glass finished on the wall.

Dazibao contemporary living room bookshelf
Horizontal or vertical version, back white of black lacquered. So original with its glass containers for books and objects. Back panel available also in canaletto walnut wood finish.

This may not be the scene of an entire living space but we really wanted to feature this nook that has so much modern style and European vision. These glass containers are fit for displaying your best pieces of art or fabulous flea market finds. Also pay attention to the reading nook in the far right corner. Modern, yes, but also functional and fun for a little relaxing.

One of the more cozier spaces, this room is highlighted by creamy accoutrements with a plush feel. Modern in structure and design, these furniture pieces are packed with both comfort and style. We also love how the printed ottoman in the corner mixes both the delicacy of the furnishings with the masculine, slickness of the walls and flooring.

Coffee Table with Wheels
Metal frame transformable table, gas adjustable height from cm 23 to cm 76, melamine doubling top.

We couldn’t leave this transformable table off the list. It’s metal frame and melamine top give it an interesting, mixed material look which can fit in both super contemporary or more traditional of settings. It’s also works as a great piece to pull out when it’s time to entertain and store when not needed.

Isn’t this a beautiful piece? With inlay, wooden pieces, it combines old-world flair with a posh, sleek and fashion-forward energy. Just think of all the ways you could use this piece around the house to even the dining room! And then, have fun accessorizing and styling around it.

This is another fabulous option for a small and quaint accent chair. Just like the captain states it’s seat is available in both leather and eco-leather but the real beauty comes from it’s delicate, yet sharp lines and relaxed shape. A pair of these in the corner of your larger, formal decor could really help to transform and impress.

zebra pattern accent furniture
Roberto Lazzeroni two seater sofa made in solid American cherry-wood or American walnut, seat covered in fabric, leather or natural leather

If you’re looking for fill a nook or cranny in your formal, or just highlight your cozier of spaces in your regular family area, this two seat sofa may be just the right fit. Available in a fun, fabric or even in a natural leather, we love it’s dainty nature. It’s foundation is also in American cherry-wood or walnut, so you know you’re getting a solid piece.