We’re all multi-faceted individuals, capable of multitasking and doing all sorts of awesome things.  So, why shouldn’t our furniture do the same?  From reclining sleeper sofas and chairs that recline to desks that fold up into single planks on a wall, today’s roundup of convertible furniture stretches the traditional boundaries of the pieces on, in and around which we live our lives.  The Cabrio space-saving system is both a pair of desks and beds, letting a room double as an office and bedroom without having to cram two sets of furniture into a single space, while Parigi and Cabochon offer a dinner table on which we can essentially flip a switch and play billiards afterwards.  Talk about working a double shift… better the furniture than us.

green convertible bed and chair
Cardini Uno Convertible Bed & Chair


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microfiber sofa bed
Convertible Microfiber Sofa Bed from Coaster Furniture Company



space saving system
The Cabrio Space Saving System from Resource Furniture



billiard dining table
Convertible Pool & Dining Table by Parigi and Cabochon



convertible coffee table bench
Eco-Friendly Coffee Table & Bench by Akemi Tanaka



flippable folding chair
Flippable Easychair by Jair Straschnow



fold-out desk
Fold-Out Convertible Desk from Southern Enterprises



convert crib to bed
The Graco Victoria Convertible Crib



convertible leather sofa
Convertible Cream Leather Sofa from Furniture Depot



convertible coffee table
Wenge Oak Veneer Convertible Coffee Table from Bachelor Furniture


Cabrio Space Saving System found at Resource Furniture.