A plain and simple shower is rejuvenating in and of itself, but add a touch of modern minimalism or futuristic sleekness, and everything feels even cleaner and more sublime.  Today’s roundup of modern shower designs ranges from a freestanding egg-like structure to a fully-integrated treatment room with water seemingly flowing from the ceiling (lest we forget to mention a practically scandalous horizontal shower, too, just for kicks).  With this curation of slick metallic simplicity comes a sense of no-fuss, no-muss attention to detail in a cohesive linear fashion.  With lines like these, no bells and whistles need to be added; they’re already implied through beauty alone.

modern shower designs
Dramatic Bath & Shower Cabin by MYA


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modern shower design
Ametis by Graff from Davide Oppizzi


modern showers
Blue Bathroom via Kunz Design


horizontal shower
Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht


spacelab shower
Simple Modern Shower by Spacelab


windowed shower
Sloping Shower Design by Artem Evstigneev


modern showers
Tentacle Showerhead from Vado


sleek modern shower
The Only One Shower by ibRubinetterie


spa rain shower
Treatment Room Shower by Hirsch Bedner Associates


freestanding shower
Unique Modern Egg Shower by Arina Komarova