The Trilogy TAV4 Table is a sculptural masterpiece that just so happens to be made for your dining room or breakfast nook.  The designers of Unico Italia wanted to explore the concepts of balance and shape to create a pedestal table that looked airy and floating rather than anchored down by its base.  Thus, the Trilogy was born.  Three steel hoops of different sizes form the pedestal, though the very word “pedestal” seems too heavy and solid to describe this table.


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Trilogy TAV42 Table: Beauty of Form and Function


Each of the hoops tangentially intersects at precarious angles that look too askew to offer any stability.  One graceful chrome serpentine curves its way up through the center with such a sleek presence it’s easy to miss it.  The asymmetry and lightweight appearance of the Trilogy TAV42 Table by Unico Italia‘s base are all part of the illusion that is really a carefully engineered steel structure fully capable of supporting the thick, 12mm circle of tempered glass that rests atop the smallest of the three hoops.


sculptural masterpiece table


The glass tabletop itself is the invisible finishing touch that allows the diner and passerby alike to get a full, 360-degree view of the base from where the name Trilogy is derived.  The pedestal is available in either a matte white or jet-black painted steel.  Compliment this design with chairs that have a matching circular arc and open design.  The Trilogy TAV42 is simple and sophisticated enough to serve as an understated casual dining area or a glamour dinner table: will you dress this table up or down in your home?