Living in a small space is not always easy. One common difficulty is not having the right furniture for varying situations. You may want to keep things tidy and spacious for yourself, however if you have a guest you may need additional seating or a table. It is complicated to balance your need for everyday living versus what you may need in the event of company. Storing additional furniture is not always a realistic option. Furniture that is capable of fulfilling multiple needs becomes very important in smaller spaces. The Kewb is a good example of multifunction furniture.
The Kewb is a versatile piece of furniture. It can be used as a simple side table (which contains the cushions), a chair, a lounge or a small table with seat cushions and much more. It is also possible to combine multiple Kewbs to create sofas and provide even more options. The Kewb is constructed from high quality solid lacquered hard wood. There are also a wide variety of fabric options available.
It does have a futon look about it that will not agree with everyone’s taste and decor. However, the Kewb is fairly inexpensive which makes it perfect for dorms and first apartments. The Kewb is a truly versatile piece of furniture if you are looking for an inexpensive piece with a multitude of uses. Check it out.
Available at Sit n’ Sleep. Price: 319 British Pounds

Kewb Multifunction Furniture

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Kewb Dormitory Chair