The Cradle rocking chair is a result of the creative work of a bunch of designers, seven of them to be more precise: Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter. And The Cradle is definitely a piece of furniture that would inspire certain adults and help them relax after a day of hard work. Although it looks like it was made for children, The Cradle is big enough to fit grown-ups looking for an out-of-the-box napping area as well. What’s amazing about The Cradle is that it was designed as part of research of Autism and children with Rhythmic Movement Disorder (RMD). Unfortunately we don’t have pricing details for The Cradle at this time, but, admit it, you want one already!

Image Copyright Richard Clarkson

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The Cradle Rocking Chair Accepts Full-Time Job of Rocking You to Sleep