The Balcony House Is a Simple Suite of… Balconies 1
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The Balcony House is based, as you might have guessed, on balconies. The house has four levels and each of them comes with its own, distinct balcony. Designed by Thomas Daniell Architects, the house is a great solution for those people that love the sun and spending as much time as possible outdoors, while at home, especially if they don’t have a lot of space to create their own perfect garden or back yard. Each level of the Balcony House gets smaller and smaller as you go up, but each one offers a large balcony to take advantage of whenever getting out of the house feels appropriate. And yes, in case you want shade while out in the sun, that can be arranged too.

The Balcony House Is a Simple Suite of… Balconies
Balcony House - Modern Architecture

Balcony House - Thomas Daniell
Balcony House - Modern Design
Balcony House - Architecture