Submission: Neon Lamps and Lighting by Roger Borg 1
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Furniture Fashion received a submission from sculptor, Roger Borg. The submission covers neon lamps and lighting which is an interesting consideration for home furnishing. Neon is a medium that is most often worked with to create commercial business signs that have words such as “Eat at Joe’s” or “Cold Beer”. Roger’s designs run the spectrum from a fabricated lampshade to cool stackable lighting. One piece features wonderful colors that really stand out as you can see in the picture.

Submission: Neon Lamps and Lighting by Roger Borg

Neon Lights

Abstract Lighting

I have to tell a side story that I always think of on neon. A close friend of mine purchased inexpensive pink flamingos from Home Depot that are accessories for yard decorating. The pink birds are made of plastic and frankly “quite visible”. Well they liked these additions to their yard landscaping. A few weeks later they received a letter from their homeowner’s association stating that according to the bylaws the pink flamingos would have to go. Now they were not happy about this. So what they did was buy a pink flamingo neon sign and hang it in a window of their house. Since the bylaws did not cover what was inside the house the association could not do anything. Every time I see neon it makes me think about that story.

Abstract Lamp

Neon Lamp Shade

Neon Lighting