blue neon contemporary sofas
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Plush seats in bright colors are ideal for contemporary homes. They add life to spaces and can act as focal points to design rooms around. They brighten up interiors throughout the year and give homes a yearlong summer feel. If you want a bright and modern seating collection made with high quality materials, get Neon. It merges style with comfort and has luxurious backrests and attached seat cushions. The only way to appreciate its luxury is by sitting and experiencing it. The collection exudes class and sophistication and is sure to steal the show in any living room.


The Neon Seating Collection by Yagmur

Neon Seating Collection by Yagmur


Wrapped in super-soft fabric, the Neon Seating Collection by Yagmur will envelop you as you sit. It has plush cushions which elevate your comfort allowing you to sit for long hours. It consists of a sofa, loveseat, armchair, and a sofa bed. The pieces have contrasting stripes on their seats and armrests which add interest. They are made of solid wood with high density upholstery which offers sufficient support without causing unease. They come in a variety of shades so the color you choose is pretty much up to you. To enhance their overall look, add colorful cushions.


Contemporary sofa bed design


The Neon Seating Collection brings modern living spaces to new levels of luxury. Its thick armrests and plush backs add irresistible comfort. Lovely stitching on the seats, backrests, and sides makes the set stand out from other sofa collections. If you want only the best in your home, get this collection.

Aren’t the hues of the Neon Seating Collection just charming?