Shade Window Installation By Simon Heijdens 1
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Now you can enjoy the beauty of all the four seasons indoors. Shade, a new installation by Simon Heijdens is a revolutionary responsive skin for windows that has been designed to filter daylight to project the captivating interplay of light and shadows. The self-developed material is made of grid of triangles that result in a medley of sublime patterns since the triangles fade between transparent and opaque. Shades has been specially commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago and is a art of the Hyperlinks exhibition that will go on till July 20, 2011.
Says the designer:

“As the angle of light and patterns of wind are continuously changing throughout the day and year, the perpetual character of the artificial space is reconnected with an evolving, unplanned natural timeline”.

Shade Window Installation By Simon Heijdens
Shade Window Installation By Simon Heijdens - 1