Looking to give your outdoors the perfect facelift? Entertain with the exotic Africa umbrella & gazebo by Roland Vlaemynck. These artful pieces will transform your garden into a tropical paradise. The gazebo and umbrella provide ample shade and create a unique atmosphere for sun worshipers and guests who enjoy the shade alike. High durable materials make them highly resistant to all external elements and an investment for your warm weather entertaining. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor environments and can be used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and homes.


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Transform your Outdoors with the Africa Umbrella & Gazebo


The Africa umbrella & gazebo by Roland Vlaemynck provide a perfect place to lounge and enjoy the sun’s rays during summer. The thatch umbrella is free-standing and can be easily transported from one place to another. It provides a cool shade and can cover two sunbeds. The gazebo combines elegance and functionality; it provides shelter and defines a space. Thanks to its elaborate design, it will become the centerpiece of your backyard or swimming pool.


Africa gazebo perfect for your poolside entertaining


It will transform your garden into a place where nature is refined and beheld by civilization. Take a seat and enjoy a cup of iced tea as you feel the gentle breeze blow on your face. If you want to create a personal sanctuary, find the optimal location for your Africa umbrella and gazebo and create a place you can retreat to when you need to relax and clear your mind.


If your goal is to make your backyard, garden, or poolside comfortable and stylish, this umbrella and gazebo will help you to achieve that.


Where would you place the Africa umbrella and gazebo in your outdoor home?