The Odu Chair is a comfortable chair that will let you either sit in it in an upright position or lay down in it by simply tilting the seat over. Odu means “cave” in Hungarian, so we’re basically looking at a comfy cave ready to deal with the fatigue accumulated during your busy day. The Odu, designed by the German company Confused Direction, proposes us a strong fiberglass shell on the outside while inside we’ll find a soft fabric upholstery available in a variety of colors. In case you decide upon ordering a bunch of Odu seats then you’ll have to know that you can join three Odus and create a ball with the diameter of 1.20m, which can be easily put away for later use.

Odu by Confused Direction Is a Cave-like Comfortable Chair
Odu by Confused Direction - Modern Furniture

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Odu by Confused Direction - Odu Ball
Odu by Confused Direction - Modern Chair
Odu by Confused Direction