You’ll have to admit that the Loopita is a remarkable seating solution from the moment you see it. Designed by Kerozene Design, the Loopita will let you take a seat in its loops. You can mount the Loopita yourself and add as many loops as you desire and by that I mean up to three of course. The Loopita chair is a great seating solution for your pool area, patio or back yard but the downside is that each Loopita will cost €7,000. That’s some serious cash right there for a piece of outdoor furniture. But at least you’re going to get a 7-year guarantee with each Loopita, not that you’re going to buy more than once, are you? On second thought this looping seat is available in two versions, a solid, indoors wood version, and an outdoor version made of slats of beech wood, which means some people might be interested in buying more than just one unit.

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