contemporary blue armchair
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Armchairs are the personification of comfort. They come in a wide range of styles and allow you to sit however you want. You can sit and conquer a difficult crossword, sip your favorite drink as you watch TV, or enjoy an afternoon nap. When it comes to modern armchairs, the 430 Opera Armchair is hard to beat. It features a subtle frame, a thick seat, and a high or low back. It comes with a matching ottoman and a bolster pillow for additional comfort.


430 Opera Armchair by Vibieffe
The embodiment of comfort
black and yellow armchair and pouf
You can get it with a matching bolster pillow and ottoman


The 430 Opera Armchair by Vibieffe is suitable for everyone, from bachelors to families. If you have small kids who like to make a mess, get several pieces. Its seat has an easy-to-clean fabric and its leather cover can be wiped clean. The covers are durable and will age well; they will look better as the years go by. Opera has a soft and comfortable structure and slanting wood legs. You can pair it with different types of sofas, tables, and living room accessories to beautify your living space.


contemporary blue armchair
Would you get it with a high or low back?


A couple of armchairs are the perfect elements for a cozy evening. They can change the look of your living room and provide individual comfort. Cluster several pieces of Opera for a lovely seating arrangement. Just by looking at it, you can tell that Vibieffe has transformed the traditional armchair into a piece of art. Their superior workmanship and attention to detail is impeccable. Get it and bid farewell to dull and boring interiors.

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