seating solutions for modern living spaces
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What makes sectional or modular seating so appealing is its constantly evolving nature. Unlike traditional sofas, sectionals adapt to spaces, evolve with ever-changing needs, and they can be arranged and rearranged to create the perfect living and relaxation spaces. The same can be said of the 275 Glam Sofa. It is a contemporary seating solution that shows off bold angles, sinuous lines, and unmatched stylistic impression.


seating solutions for modern living spaces
Stylish and versatile
ultra-modern sectional
It can be rearranged to create the perfect living room


Perfect for contemporary homes with expansive spaces, this piece espouses a bold, vivacious personality that will add unique appeal to a room. Each of its units plays an essential yet versatile role. The trapezoid-shaped ottomans make perfect backrests or armrests deviating from their conventional utilization. The larger ottomans offer additional seating and can be used individually or as part of the sofa to create an appealingly comfortable chaise lounge. The whole range of differently sized and shaped ottomans helps to add symmetrical contrast to the room. The 275 Glam Sofa by Vibieffe is ideal for maximizing space while adding depth, personality, and texture to your living room.


contemporary sofa with fixed cushions
Fixed cushions add to its versatility
275 Glam Sofa by Vibieffe
Do you think it would complement your decor?


Glam is a versatile project that showcases the designer’s capability to create modular solutions for the contemporary home. The utilization of diverse backrests is an illustration of its versatility. It allows you to create spaces that are both relaxing and well-integrated.  Clothed in smooth leather, Glam illustrates a bold character. It is upholstered in high quality fabrics and embodies modern design aspirations. Tables built in different materials and shapes are available to complete the look of your living area.

Which choice of sofa upholstery would add character to your living spaces?