contemporary stools design by Infiniti
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Few of us consider stools comfortable. Yet a stylish, well-constructed stool or a set of stools can magically transform a kitchen space or a bar area. A stool is a trendy seating solution. It is ideal for those who are brave enough to utilize design concepts that are markedly different. The Zed Stool is an elegant addition to any interior space. Use it to add color, visual appeal, and contrast.


contemporary stools design by Infiniti
Zed resembles the letter “Z”
Zed Stool by Infiniti Design
It looks stunning everywhere


Its noticeable “z” shape is a bold and innovative one that emphasizes the designer’s ability to fuse art, technology, and functionality. If you are an art enthusiast, the Zed Stool by Infiniti Design will remind you of the momentary curves of a pen sketch. Built using polyurethane, it features a subtly scooped, snug seat with ample space. A steel insert set beneath the seat down to the base adds structural strength and stability. An adjustable button allows the stool to change from a low position to a higher one. Its chromium-plated steel base adds to its sophistication and gives off a sense of steadfastness without appearing too imposing. Complete with a chromium-plated and steel footrest, this stool offers optimal, unmatched comfort.


modern barstool design ideas
The steel leg gives it structural strength


Perfect for infusing hip and flair to interior spaces, Zed has an innate ability to enliven an otherwise muted public or private space. The stool comes in six vibrant and bold colors including green, violet, red, white, black, and silver. These splendid colors will interact perfectly with diverse backgrounds.

Where would you place your Zed stool, at the bar area or kitchen?