Kitchen Nook Table Sets

If you’ve got the space, we’ve got the inspiration. We’ve compiled a quick list of 12 cool corner breakfast nook table set ideas that will make mornings easier, brighter and a whole lot more comfortable. Of course, we’re fans of the chic and unique, but take a peek at our picks for some traditional and classic pieces as well. Enjoy!

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This is what you usually think of when you hear the words “breakfast nook.” It’s small, it’s quaint and has a sleek, stylish feel to it. We can easily see this in a bachelor pad apartment or a small, newlywed home needing to utilize every bit of space available around them. All the spot needs is a hot cup of coffee and a newspaper to make you feel comfortable and right at home.

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A Quick View of “THE” Most Popular Corner Nooks
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Easy Black Breakfast Nook

Key Features

  • Can configure in either left or right handed to conform to your unique requirements
  • Table Top and seats are in a rich wood plank look and feel
  • Includes Corner Unit Table and Bench
  • Perfect for Small Spaces
  • 6 People Max Capacity

Linon Home Decor Sadie Antique, Black Nook

Chelsea Kitchen Corner Nook

Modern is structure but traditional in its two-tone camel and chocolate brown color, this set is made for a bit bigger of a nook. Add accents for pops of color, but more importantly, this piece can fit into so many different homes with different styles – from rustic to chic. We love the bench and chair combination as well as its ability to truly fit right into a corner of the room.

Linon Chelsea Kitchen-Nook Corner Unit & Chelsea Cushion Set

Brown Wooden Corner Nook

Bigger than most breakfast nook sets, this eat-in choice is a beautiful one. The mixed mediums of wood and leather make it interesting and fashion-forward. We’ve got mixed seating with the bench and chairs, but most importantly, we’ve got space for larger families to enjoy in the mornings before the kids are off to school and parents are off to work.

Key Features

  • Either left or right handed
  • Custom cushions finish the look
  • Includes Corner Unit, Table and Bench
  • Perfect for Small Spaces
  • Crafted from Solid Pine and MDF

Linon Natasha Wood Patio Conversation Kitchen Breakfast Corner Nook Table Booth Bench Dining Set in Brown

White Corner Nook Set

There’s a retro vibe going on with this nook piece that we’ve swooning over. It’s subtle, yes, but the print of this set makes it quite unique. The bones are traditional and fit into a contemporary vibe, even those with a more masculine vision. And again, we love the mixed seating with the combination of both chair and bench options.

Riverbay Patio Conversation Kitchen Breakfast Corner Nook Table Booth Bench Dining Set in White

Round Corner Nook Breakfast Set

An old-age spirit swirls around this breakfast space with its vintage pattern, stud accents on the chair and traditional, wooden foundations. It fits into the room with an easy effort an it also utilizes the elongated space just right. We love how it can serve as a breakfast area but also for dinnertime with family and guests as well.

Key Features

  • Solid Wood
  • 5 piece kitchen Round Table with 2 Drop Leaves
  • 4 Avon chairs with wood Seat in a Cappuccino finish

5 Pc Kitchen nook Dining set-breakfast nook Table and 4 Dining Chairs

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Antique White Breakfast Set

An extremely modern and luxury piece, and at first glance, not a “true” breakfast nook choice, this selection is a beauty and we believe if you’ve got the space, then use it! The cream seating and light woods provide an interesting and classic contrast to a stylish and fashion-forward home with posh vision. It’s perfect for a glass of wine with friends or a quick danish in the morning.

OSP Home Furnishings Century 5-Piece Dining Set, Antique White

Grey Corner Nook Set

This has to be my personal favorite of the entire list. It’s eclectic, it’s youthful, completely hipster with lots of texture and interesting appeal. We love the mixed and matched style and subdued and relaxing coloring, with the perfect pop of bright mustard to shock the senses, which is especially nice in the morning.

Modern and luxurious, this charcoal corner was made just for this space. There’s a step up to enjoy and the textural bench makes for a very welcoming and cozy feel a midst the contemporary and clean edged surface. All it needed was those throw pillows to make it a more cozy and homey addition.

Linon Natasha Wood Nook in Gray

Signature Design Ashley Sommerfield Bench

The bench fits with almost any wall space perfectly, the table makes for an easy addition and the dark chairs look great. Voila! Instant inspiration for creating your very own breakfast nook dining area.  Integrate ruggedly handsome character into your dining space. This beauty captivates with a clean-lined, chunky profile and rich, tonal variation. The butcher block styling and weathered treatment are simply charming elements that put a casual-cool, farmhouse chic spin on this bench.

Signature Design by Ashley Large Dining Room Bench, Brown

Table To Make The Corner Nook

A stunning looking table to go with the bench above to make a superb corner nook breakfast room with plenty of style. A rustic and rich kitchen filled with comfort and homey essence, take a peek at that large area in the corner highlighted by a beautiful windows . It’s got a very vacation, cabin-feel but also, like its predecessor, utilizes every inch of the space given. It’s perfect for quick dinners and lunches during the summertime.

Signature Design by Ashley Dining Table, Sommerford, Summerford

Glitzhome Rustic Ottoman Seating For a Corner Breakfast Nook

Featuring round galvanized side table stool and nesting pack with removable wood lid. Antique and country cottage style, Metal decor, Vintage style, perfectly with modern and rustic home accent furniture.

Glitzhome Rustic Storage Ottoman Seat Stool, Farmhouse End Table, Galvanized Metal Accent Side Table Toy Box Bin with Round Wood Lid for Living Room Furniture, Nesting Pieces Two, Grey

This rounded corner is beautiful and we love how this interesting bench fits right inside its hooked form. The pattern play is fun between the back of the booth and the chairs but the neutral tones also makes it easy to blend and style around. It’s also more stylish than more family-friendly choices but still works in homes with larger groups of people.