Antique Furniture Worth Looking For 2019

If you are thinking of investing in antique items, it would surprise you at the things that you first need to know before you go out looking at buying vintage furniture or to buy any antique furniture items.

This is because, as with any other purchase, there are several things that you need to research so you can avoid making a mistake in your purchases.

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Nowadays, this has become very true for antiques because of the proliferation of antique reproductions, which can make finding authentic antique items very confusing.

One example that you should know regarding antique items is the language that antique sellers and antique enthusiast used to describe items. This is because knowing the language they speak can help you with your decisions.

Even for fans of contemporary styles, a stunning antique chandelier has the undeniable ability to create a dramatic environment.  The aura of history and elegance permeates a chandelier.

Designer Marcel Wanders set out to capture the regal drama of a traditional lighting , but to re-imagine the building materials and craftsmanship methods to make a chandelier unique and thoroughly modern.

By challenging more traditional materials with a chandelier in steel and poly resin, Wanders created a design for Flos that will stand apart amid thousands of other styles.

Antique Lingo

Antique  means something that is 100 years old.  They also consider an old item an antique if it has aesthetic and historical value. Now that you know the definition of the word, you can now move on to some of the most commonly used terms in antique lingo.

One of these is the term “original finish,” so the protective coating of the item, like the varnish, is the same as it was first made. Usually, items with an original finish are precious.

An antique item in its “original condition” means that the item still has all the original pieces they made which can also add value to the item.

Another commonly used term is “patina,” which is the look of an item caused by years of polish, dirt, grease build-up, and wear and tear, which antique dealers consider as the thing that gives character to an antique item. Another commonly used term is “provenance,” which means the documented history of an antique item.

One example of this is the value that antique dealers put on items some of the most notable historical figures used that, like a table that was used by a medieval king to sign a treaty.

Investing in antiques involves learning the ropes about purchasing antique items so you could make the right decisions in buying an antique item.

One of the best ways to do so is to learn the language that antique dealers and enthusiasts use. This is because knowing the language can equip you with the right knowledge on what you should look for in antiques and how you can determine their value.

Source: Thomas Morva


The Zeppelin Chandelier


Contemporary Meets Antique in The Zeppelin Chandelier


modern chandelier


How is the Zeppelin chandelier by Flos so unique and yet still a chandelier?  It starts with the white powder-coated steel structure, crisp and contemporary.  Then, in a bold move of technique and design, a spidery web of resin is laced over the top so thoroughly that is nearly becomes a translucent sheet over the entire suspended pendant.

The delicate wisps are never the same on two chandeliers, so each one has its own personal signature of artistic creation.  To increase durability, they spray the design with a clear protective finish as a final step.  The candle-shaped bulbs are transparent polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) underneath the webbed canopy, spaced in concentric rings.


eye catching light fixture


awe-inspiring chandelier


The effect of this massive piece is dominating and awe-inspiring.  From below, you can’t help but gaze upwards through the riotous web of crisscrossing resin.

Its size and drama are suitable for formal dining rooms and corporate spaces where the Zeppelin chandelier can make a powerful first impression.

Which is more striking to you: the modern materials or the old-world drama?