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When you need to donate furniture there are many charitable organizations out there that need your support. As a writer for Furniture Fashion, we always talk about new products and create excitement about updating the look of your home.

When you get new furniture, what do you do with the old antique furniture? One of the primary answers is to find a place that accepts furniture donations.

I set out in this article to provide a list of potential charities for you to choose from choose from. You may find one that meets a passion area such as pets, kids, conservation, the homeless, etc.

Depending on your city each charity may not operate in that town. It may take a bit of searching but I am sure that there is a need out there for your old furniture.

I sat on the board of a local charity for five years that helped adolescent teenagers with mental health problems, chemical dependency issues, and behavioral problems.

One of the primary fundraisers was a garage sale that was held once a year. The organization collected goods for the sale and then used the funds its expenses.

Furniture provided for “big ticket” items where a fair amount of money could be obtained from the sale of a single item. Each donor received a donation receipt that could a tax write-off.

In these cases, both the donor and the charity enjoyed the transaction. Some charities in this list may have a “garage sale” or “yard sale” as a fundraiser. It may require a phone call on your part to find out what events they hold during the year to fundraise.

We do not list these charities in any order. I have made the charity name into a link to their respective website where possible. Hopefully, by contacting one of these charities you can find a new home for your old goods.


  1. Susan Komen – women’s breast cancer research
  2. American Heart Association – heart disease research
  3. American Lung Association – lung disease research
  4. World Wildlife Fund – conservation of wildlife and habitat
  5. Girl Scouts – scout activities for girls
  6. Scouting – scout activities for boys
  7. American Diabetes Association – search for the cure of diabetes
  8. Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund – search for the cure of diabetes in children
  9. M.D. Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital – treatment of and research of children with cancer
  10. Special Olympics – group sports activities for persons with mental retardation and autism
  11. Alzheimer’s Association – search for the cure of Alzheimer’s disease
  12. Local Church, Mosque, or Temple – local churches and places of worship are always in need of donations. Also, they may have outreach groups that they support locally which may be in need.
  13. Local Homeless Shelter – provide shelter for those that are without a home
  14. Local Food Bank – provides food to the underprivileged and charities in need of food for feeding
  15. Women’s Shelter – a local shelter that provides safety for women in abusive relationships
  16. UNAIDS – Joint United Nations program on HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and cure
  17. Alex’s Lemonade Stand (Child Cancer) – provides support for children with cancer and a search for the cure
  18. Will Rogers Institute – research institute for pulmonary diseases
  19. St. Jude’s Research Institute – pediatric hospital seeking cures for ailments in children
  20. Disabled Veterans – helping build better lives for disabled veterans
  21. Salvation Army – provides funding and support for many other smaller charities
  22. Habitat for Humanity – builds homes for those that cannot afford them using volunteers
  23. Red Cross – early respondents to crises such as hurricanes, floods, storms, earthquakes, and other natural catastrophes
  24. United Way – a large international charity that provides funding and support to many smaller charities
  25. Local School District – a local school may have fundraisers for various events
  26. Big Brothers, Big Sisters – provides adult mentors and role models for children that are without one of their parents and need positive adult interaction
  27. PETA – focus on the ethical treatment of animals
  28. SPAY – provides free spaying and neutering of cats and dogs to help owners control the “homeless population” of cats and dogs created by over-reproduction
  29. SPCA – focuses on the proper treatment of animals and enforcement of animal rights
  30. American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) – represents the elderly many of whom live in poverty and have many needs
  31. MYMOVE.Com – They have a guide full of comprehensive information on homelessness. Well worth a look.
  32. has published a report that highlights the increased vulnerability for victims and how to support these populations during these unprecedented times.

Hopefully, this list of charities can provide an idea of where to donate furniture to help people and organizations in their time of need. Remember that most donations are tax deductible so you can help the charity while help yourself when preparing your own taxes.

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