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There is something stylish, spontaneous, and causal about a bar situated within the expanses of modern living areas. Free-standing, moveable bars not only add a palatable social element to living spaces, they also infuse a panache that is akin to high-end culture. The Cocinelle Bar Cabinet is an ultra-modern, almost futuristic reincarnation of the typical standalone mini-bar. With a striking semblance to a galactic structure, it will transform the ambience of your living space and make a great style statement.


Cocinelle Bar Cabinet by Pierre Cardin


Inspired by elements of nature, this sculptured cabinet boasts an eye-catching convex construction that will create a striking contrast when placed next to a working table or sofa. Its all-rounded shape makes it viewable from all angles. The shiny red lacquer that makes up its outer covering will infuse an unmatched brilliance into your interiors. Lacquer finishes are timeless embellishments that never fail to brighten up interior spaces. The Cocinelle Bar Cabinet by Pierre Cardin is built with versatility in mind. You can use it as a mini bar, a modern bookshelf, or as an entertainment unit that can support a 42-inch TV screen.


remote controlled luxury bar


Remote controlled LED light fixtures add to the ultramodern style espoused by this piece. Designed with a unique Rodrigo Design hinge system with an automated opening mechanism, Cocinelle is an embodiment of technical advancement merged with the genius of modern furniture concepts. Small swivels attached to its base add to its mobility allowing you to move it around in line with your changing needs.

How would you use Cocinelle? As a bookshelf or as storage for your prized liquor?