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I was recently searching for coat rack examples to improve the storage in my home.  Our family’s issue was setting down coats, backpacks and hats on furniture as opposed to storing them in an organized fashion.  Our editorial staff was inspired by the story and set out to find products that would accessorize different styles of home and solve this issue.   There are ten products we found that wonderfully combine storage while adding a decorative flair.  Let’s take a look at what they came up with.

coat rack examples that accessorize a home

Nature is such a great design inspiration and you can see from the above picture the power it presents.  This product is styled like a birch tree using the natural limbs as storage hooks.  Combined with the darker base it blends well against the light flooring and darker wall.

interesting full length mirror and chair

Trying to find a full length mirror can be a challenge.   This idea above has both a mirror and storage hooks all in one piece.  The size of this is pretty large so it may not work in smaller spaces such as an entry way or foyer.

wall mounted coat storage in wood finish

I am drawn to mounted coat racks as we often don’t take advantage of walls in American homes.  This product features six storage hooks and a shelf on top which can also be used to keep items off the floor.

organized wall space for storing coats

Here is another wall mounted example.  This picture struck me with possibilities.  The large board to the left could a mirror or even a dry erase board where a family could write lists to do, track a calendar or even post chores.

five modern plastic home accessories assorted colors

Here is a way to add some color to your living space.  The green is very vibrant as is the red model.

decorative vases for a home with storage

Now this idea is so subtle being a blend of a decorative plant and something that can be used to hang things up.  There is a lot of flexibility with this design.  I could see this next to a front door.

tree branch like home accessory

DIY wall storage made using wood pallet

What great wood flooring in this home!  It’s interesting how this example ties wood into a wall.  The design of this reminds me of a pallet used to store goods in a warehouse.

three metal sculptures in assorted colors

These contemporary ideas may not be for everyone, but create an interesting visual.  I could see these in an office waiting room.

small format decorative sticks home accent