Fireplace Candle Holders - 12 Lovely Designs and Ideas For 2021

Fireplace Candle Holders For Your Home Ideas

How about a candle display in your fireplace to give it some fireplace decor. A great way to add light and subtle charm to your house is with the simple accent of a candle. From clusters to just a few on the mantle, there are a variety of ways to style and utilize these functional and fashion pieces of home decor.

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We’ve compiled a beautiful list of inspiring ways to display your collection in the fireplace. Warm, relaxation and a homey appeal will all come from this easy addition. Here are 12 lovely designs and ideas of candle displays for fireplaces that we enjoyed and wanted to share with our readers.

These great designs can help transform an under-utilized space into something that gets praise from your family and guests.

Considering Your Fireplace Decor

Flameless Candles Led Candles Set of 9

A BEAUTIFUL DECORATION FOR EVERY HOME: The premium flameless candle lights set includes 9 real wax pillar candles, two 4″, two 5″, two 6″, a 7″, a 8″, a 9″ height with 2.2″ thick candles and two remote controls.

Their ivory color and elegant design is the perfect fit for any space, and will complement any style of decoration in a wonderful way!

Flameless Candles Led Candles Set of 9(H 4" 5

Wine Barrel 9 Candle Holder

AUTHENTIC WINE BARREL Fireplace Candle Holder is a unique fantastic conversation piece and striking premium center piece made from used Napa Solid Oak Wood Barrels.

Napa Gift Store Wine Barrel 9 Candle Holder Made from Recycled Oak Wine Barrel Stave

Tealight Fireplace Log Holds 11 Candles With Rustic Wood Finish

Candle logs for the fireplace. Instead of lighting the logs, light the insides. We love this piece for one simple reason, it eliminates the wood-burning smell. Some can’t stand the “bonfire” aroma and others are allergic, so this is a beautiful alternative to still get the warm glow you’re searching for but without the smokey smell swirling throughout the entire house.

You can always take away the fire-burning logs completely and just add a mix of collages inside. It’s eclectic, it’s youthful and you can really get creative with the overall look and design. Differences in colors, shapes, sizes, and dishes to place them on can create an entirely new scene every week of the month if you’d like! This is perfect for a more eclectic vision or even a more summertime feel when you don’t need the warm but instead just the ambience.

It’s a great choice for a smaller fireplace. Again, add some unscented lights for just a warm glow or choose ones with a bit of a lavender smell or rose perfume quality to spread throughout the home.

SEI Furniture Resin Tealight Fireplace Log - 24" Inch Holds 11 Candles - Rustic Wood Finish

Vela Candle Lanterns

You can always bring out the lanterns! Depending on the styling, they’ll actually fit any season and still give off a homey, cozy feel. Place larger, bulkier examples inside to give off more light and you can try out what you see here by accessorizing the space with seasonal accents and extra votive twinkles. It’s a much more unique way to use the fireplace than it’s most popular use.

Vela Lanterns Decorative Candle Lantern for Room Decor, Medium, Blue

Fireplace Candle Stack

Placed inside or on top, this display holder is a simple piece that can spruce up a duller area. Add colored candles or keep it clean with classic white. The darker foundation contrasts well with light colored models and will make the light pop even more than if both layers of the accent were in a soft hue. If placed inside, you’ll also get the illusion of these floating a bit which is quite romantic and relaxing, don’t you think? This is the most modern and chic structure of the entire list. 

Pilgrim Home and Hearth 17504 Venice Candelabra Candle Holder, Distressed Bronze

Fireplace Screen

Here’s a more intricate and extravagant fireplace screen. Although a bit bulky, it works well inside a light, bright and spacious home. It has a Victorian vibe and some beautiful features, including the candle holding spots that provide easy, soft lighting when you don’t want to crank up the fireplace. This is a great way to keep the kids out but also dress the space during the warmer month when you don’t need to warm the house, but instead, stylize it.

Amagabeli Pewter Fire Screen offers 3 panels, 2 hinges in arch design can stretch to fit different openings; exactly fits with most living room fireplace! Wrought iron metal firescreen holds firmly to the hearth ground, even for outdoor fireplace areas.

  • Dimension: Crafts fireplace screen measures 28.9-inch in height, 50-inch (fully expanded) in width, large fireplace curtain cover matches with your home deco, gas fireplace, fireplace tools, fireplace grate and holders accessories.
  • High Quality: Pewter folding fire screens cover comes with 2 hinges in arch design can stretch to fit different openings. The fireplace tools wrought iron and powder-coated finish adds a rustic, classic look to the fire place and ensures long-lasting use , as privacy screen fencing is also a good choice
  • Sturdy Fire Screen: Tall steel fire place screens with doors holds firmly to the hearth ground, even for outdoor fire pit, portico fireplace areas.
  • Spark Guard: Large and solid fire place cover guard to block popping embers; fire place with standing, keeps your kids and puppies away from the fireplace and keeps the living room safe.
  • Customer Care: We are dedicated to provide premium products for you and offer impeccable customer care to you. Don’t wait any longer and just enjoy your ideal products today!

Amagabeli Indoor Fireplace Screen 3 Panel Pewter Wrought Iron Large Screen Outdoor Metal Decorative Mesh Cover Solid Fire Place Fence Leaf Design Steel Spark Guard Fireplace Panels

Flameless Candles

Lighten Up Your Nights With A Warm, Ambient Atmosphere – Starting Tonight!

Do you enjoy beautiful evenings at home with your loved ones? If so then these great flameless LED candle lights may just be the perfect item for you. The warm atmosphere they create along with their genuine wax-candle look makes them ideal to set a relaxing evening or romantic dinner mood.

  • A BEAUTIFUL DECORATION FOR EVERY HOME: The premium flameless candle lights set includes 9 real wax pillar candles, two 4″, two 5″, two 6″, a 7″, a 8″, a 9″ height with 2.2″ thick candles and two remote controls. Their ivory color and elegant design is the perfect fit for any space, and will complement any style of decoration in a wonderful way!
  • BEAUTIFUL & REALISTIC LOOK: These amazing flameless candle lights have a genuine wax pillar body and LEDs that give off warm, natural-looking light. Your friends probably won’t even be able to tell the difference between these and real candles without taking a better look!
  • AMBIENT OR ROMANTIC ATMOSPHERE: If you want to create a warm ambient or even romantic atmosphere, these are the perfect candles for you. The beautiful, natural-hued light they give off is the perfect way to set the mood. Light them up and add some spice to your evenings, dinners or holidays!
  • NO OPEN FLAMES & FIRE HAZARD: Lighting candles in your home can be dangerous, but you have nothing to fear from these ones. They are 100% safe and totally flameless. All their light and luminosity comes from their battery operated LED bulbs, so they are a great and safe choice, even for families with pets and small children!
  • REMOTE CONTROL & TIMER FUNCTION: Along with your real wax pillar LED flameless candles you will receive a convenient 10-key remote controller that allows you to set your candles on a 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour timer. Just set the timer function and enjoy your evening – you don’t have to worry about switching them off later

Flameless Candles Led Candles Set of 9(H 4" 5

Fireplace Questions & Answers

Can a fireplace be removed?

Yes is the obvious answer. But is it necessary? There are many ways of removing a fireplace that does not demand complete demolition.

Depending on your need, you can have the stack removed and leave the fireplace or the other way around. You can also replace your old wood-burning fireplace with a more efficient system, like an electric or ventless one.

Obviously, an electric fireplace does not give off the feel of a real fire. So make this decision carefully before getting rid of a real wood burning fire.

What is a decorative fireplace?

Take a look at google to find answers on how to decorate your fireplace. There are so many ways to choose from that you can get lost with all the fresh ideas. You can enjoy the decorative appeal of a mantled fireplace for considerably less than installing a traditional one.

For your decorative fireplace, all that is required is a lot of imagination and an electric socket. With an electric fireplace you can have the realistic flames, but do not expect the warmth and cozy appeal of a genuine wood burning fire.

Can quartz be used around a fireplace?

Quartz fireplace surrounds are long lasting, low maintenance, easy to look after and can be set up to make the fireplace look stunning. make sure you know exactly what you want before you start buying as there are many colors to choose from. You can use nearly any durable, fire-safe material to create a fireplace surround, but not every material will give you the same visual impact.

What type of tile can be used in a fireplace?

Non-porcelain tile is usually finished with a durable glaze of color and patterns. They are used in both wall and floor tiling. Non-porcelain is easier to cut than porcelain tile. When choosing ceramic tile for your fireplace, look for a PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating of 4 or 5 for moderate to heavy traffic.

What is the best material for a fireplace surround?

  • Steel is a very popular fireplace surround as it can look really nice when fitted correctly by a professional designer. With steel, you can choose from an unlimited amount of finishes so it should fit really well to your style of design. A steel fireplace can bring out the beauty of a room by design.
  • Wood is a less obvious choice for a fireplace surround but can look stunning. make sure you are allowed to build a fire surround in wood. Check with your local council before you start any type of project in wood.
  • Concrete can look really nice as a fireplace surround. With its smooth natural finish and clean lines, it can bring a contemporary and warm feel to an interior. It also has properties that retain the heat that is thrown off the fire. It’s a solid and resilient material that is easy to look after and clean which makes it ideal for fireplaces. With a smooth concrete, you have a vast number of choices for either natural finish or any amount of colors and textures to a unique design element in your space.
  • Stone fireplace surrounds are a very popular choice and bring a rustic charm and appeal to any kind of interior. They add a nice feel and look and also heat up along with the fire making them an ideal choice for those who want the comfy and extra heat that stone brings and helps to keep the room warmer for longer. They can be used in a different number of ways to surround your fireplace to help provide a wide range of looks and finishes.
  • Brick is a more traditional fireplace surround, brick can also be used in modern interiors to create a warm and stylish feel. Bricks come in many colors and sizes and can be arranged in different patterns to create a variety of looks that all add texture and warmth to space.
  • Tile is a great way to create a unique fireplace surround. It comes in endless materials, colors, sizes, and textures, meaning it can be used in any interior. It can also be a way to achieve looks that are more expensive when built right in. A solid marble fireplace surround, for example, would be much more expensive than a fireplace surrounded by marble tiles.

Is Quartz fire resistant?

Quartz countertops are highly stain resistant, have a very low water absorption rate, and do not require sealing. Quartz is as heat resistant as granite.