Just in Time for Mother’s Day: 10 Perfect Candles

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It’s sad but true: we have so much information flying at us from all directions at all times that it’s all too easy to forget something as simple, annual and important as Mother’s Day.  There’s really no gift grand enough to thank the women who brought us into this world and brought us up to be the people we are today, but a once-yearly token certainly shouldn’t be forgotten in an act of complacency either.  And although the author of this post can vouch for the fact that women generally like to choose their own fragrances, we’re a bit more open-minded about how we scent our living spaces.  Sumptuously-scented soy candles like the ones we’ve rounded up today never fail — they’re foolproof little luxuries crafted by high-end French designers like L’Occitane and small artisinal shops like Soy Delite, and they’ll have Mom exhaling with a smile.  Splurge on her a little.  She deserves it.

Verbena Decorative Candle by L’Occitane



fragrant candles
Bamboo-scented Decorative Candle by NEST



scented candles
Decorative Designer Candle Set by Diptyque



designer candles
Gardenia Candle by Tocca



patterned candles
Patterned Candles via Martha Stewart



best aromatherapy candles
Santiago Huckleberry Fragrant Candle by Voluspa



natural soy candles
Soy Candles by Soy Delites



scented soy candles
Spring Soy Candles by Pure Integrity



designer home fragrances
The Cherry Bomb Candle by Tokyo Milk



blue Anthropologie candle
The Volcano Candle by Capri Blue


Green soy candles found at Soy Delites.

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