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A Black hole is a region in space with such a powerful gravitational pull that nothing can escape from it. It has fascinated scientists since they first discovered it. In commemoration of Einstein’s 50th birthday, furniture company Fred Baier created the Black Hole Table. The iconic piece is made entirely of sycamore and has ebony stringing. It features a hole in its middle that creates the illusion of ‘sucking’ everything just like a black hole. The table comes in three versions: in original form, as a high gloss piece, and as an illuminated piece. The illuminated version has different shades of green. Its top is dark green while its middle and base are luminous green. It looks like it is lit from within.


Black Hole Table by Fred Bair

wooden table design by Fred Bayer


A geometric pattern characterizes the Black Hole Table by Fred Baier. The piece features rectangles and trapezoids in different sizes joined together at different angles. The pattern also looks like a large cobweb that goes on without end. Black Hole is magnificent whichever way you look at it. It will update your home in a fresh way. It has 4 tiny legs which allow you to move it easily from one place to another. You can use the table outdoors in good weather or place it permanently indoors.


contemporary lime table design


Tables are functional pieces used in every home. However, the right piece can show off your style, personality, and interests. If you love stylish tables or are a science buff, get the Black Hole Table by Fred Baier. You will be blown away by its simple style and graceful curves. Does Black Hole’s design appeal to your taste?