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The Suite Duo pod with seats by System Pool has a minimalist look that works well in any contemporary space. It is ideal for people who love large spaces as it is the largest of all the shower cabins made by System Pool. It comes in black or white and features double shower heads. The shower heads have a striking appearance and are the first thing you’ll notice about the shower cabin. They also differentiate it from the older Suite Cabine Shower cabin. They have independent taps and allow users to control them as they shower.


Suite Duo Shower Cabin by System Pool


Nothing feels as good as an invigorating shower. It is the perfect way to start your day and end it. Suite Duo cubicle by System Pool will make you look forward to refreshing showers every day. It has glass doors that provide a noise-free environment as you bathe. They let you view your surroundings and transform your bathroom from drab to spectacular. Suite Duo Cabin is perfect for glass-walled houses and modern beach houses. You can place it near a bathroom window to enjoy your environment as you are using it.


bathroom cabin suite


System Pool is known for its pioneering enclosures that are always made to impress. Suite Duo is one of its finest pieces. It is made with the modern homeowner in mind and will amaze you in every way. In fact, it might just amaze every member of your family. What do you like most about the Suite Duo bathroom Cabin?