5 Wall Shelf Ideas from Ikea

If you get tired of staring at a blank wall then it may be time to put some sort of decor on it. Wall shelves can fill in space of a wall and at the same time, give you a chance to store a few items. Other decorators use wall shelves to highlight a few accent pieces that can bring color to a room or highlight an individual’s unique tastes. Ikea is such a large store that there is so much to take in!
Ikia Lack Wall Shelf
Lack Wall Shelf – $29

Fabian Ikia Wall Shelves

Jarpen/Robert Wall Shelf – $24.99
Ikea Wall Shelving
Valter/Tryggve Wall Shelf – $15
Kirp Ikea Wall Shelves
Kirp Wall Shelf – $9.99
Liatop Wall Shelf Ikea
Liatorp Wall Bridging Shelf – $140

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