Soaps are the last thing that comes to our mind, when doing up our home or redecorating the bathroom. However, you will be surprised by how much of an impact they can make. In fact, you can show off your quirky style or give a hint of your personality to your guests by placing something innovative or cool. Listed below are some of the most imaginative soap designs inspired from Star Wars to Fight Club! Most of these soaps are available on Etsy.


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Soap Leaves

soap leaves

The Flying V Guitar Soap 

guitar soap

The Noodle Soap

ramen noodle soap

The Tetris Soap

tetris soap

The Sushi Soap

sushi soap

The Oreo Soap

oreo soap

Star Wars Soaps

star wars soap

The Soap Ring

soap ring

Pac-Man and Whole Gang of Ghosts Soap Set

pac man soap

KARAOKE Tub Fun Soap

unique soap

The iPhone Soap

unusual soap

Gmail Soap

promotional soap

The Fight Club Soap

fight club soap

Aliens Soap

novelty soap

Action Figure Mini Men 

kids soap