The Stunning Musa White Modern Sideboard from Alf Furniture

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Today a white modern sideboard caught the eye of our editors.  Called Musa, this beauty comes from Alf Furniture and is full of function, form and fashion.   There are many clever design elements which have been encapsulated into this one project by the designer.  Notice first the tiny metal feet which hearken back to vintage modern such as Eames and George Nelson.   They create a more delicate feel and help conceal the overall bulk of this piece.  The angle in which the metal hits the ground can be linked back to many memories from the past.  Two examples that come to mind are the antennae on an old television or the legs of a spacecraft landing on a planet taken from an old comic strip.

Unusual Shaped Doors on Furniture

In the above picture you can really see the power in this white modern sideboard.   The rounded edges are just so wonderful and make the flow of this design much easy on the eyes while at the same time make it safer for children.   The way the drawers open is just fascinating.  The angle that was chosen is so unique and different than that of standard cabinetry.  Notice too that there is no hardware on which to pull open the drawers.  As part of the design edges have been fastened into hand grabbing spots which also change the look of the front by creating a bit of depth in appearance.

Musa white modern sideboard from Alf Furniture

I like how Alf allows for different colors to be chosen as the storage drawers within the unit.  Above we see orange and what a contrast it makes to the white.   If one of your concerns is that white will be too muted once in your home, create visual appeal by having a bold color inside.  Then when the unit is opened, your guests will be amazed that the color contrast is so great.   Also too recognize that you can dress this up with accessories on top to give it extra color when the doors are not opened.

Living Room With Italian Buffet Table Against Wall

This room scene is great so that we can picture Musa with other accessories.  Notice that there is more color introduced from the lamp, picture arrangement and bowl of fruit.   The rug too also draws the eye away from the flow of the floor and yet we can still see how wonderful the piece is up against the wall.