Brilliantly merging lightness and solidity, the Vis à Vis Chaise Lounge from Kreoo is a piece that easily gets noticed. It is refined, relaxing, and excellently challenges the laws of gravity. The piece is attached to two brackets connected to a large block of marble and is made from natural hand-woven wicker and has a steel frame. It is the masterpiece of Enzo Berti and comes in single and double versions. The chaise lounge can be used both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor version is made from PVC to withstand humid temperatures. It has a hollow frame and is very easy to adjust.


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Vis à Vis Chaise Lounge by Kreoo

rattan bathroom chaise longue


Vis à Vis is stylish, modular, and redefines spaces giving them sensual appeal. Enzo Berti worked hard to show off its graceful nature which contrasts beautifully with the heavy marble. It looks good in private residences, Spas, and wellness centers. The chaise lounge is big enough to fall asleep on and looks stunning against the marble backdrop. If you have a large family and plenty of space, get the double version and enjoy relaxing together. You can place it indoors near other furniture pieces or put it in a sheltered spot outdoors.


rattan and marble chaise longue design

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Part-sofa, part-chair, the Vis à Vis Chaise Lounge from Kreoo offers plenty of ways to rest and unwind. Its sleek shape and neutral color makes it a perfect fit for any room. It doesn’t take up too much space and updates your home just by being. Which is your favorite version of the Vis à Vis Chaise Lounge?