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Umbrella stands come in a variety of styles these days. There are tall ones, short ones, small ones and large ones. While they are not essential pieces, they come in handy during the rainy season. If you are looking for a stand to hold your dripping umbrella on rainy days, Onur Ozkaya’s Umbrella Stand is an excellent choice. It has 6 openings on top and 6 smaller ones on the middle which hold a total of 12 umbrellas. It is slim in the middle and rounded on the top and bottom.  If you enjoyed this take a look at 10 amazing designs on umbrella holders.


Umbrella Stand by Onur Ozkaya


Onur Ozkaya designed the Umbrella Stand with modern homeowners in mind. His end product was a piece any person would be proud to own. It is the perfect item to greet you when you step in from the rain. The gorgeous stand has a well-ventilated design and a circular base that collects water from your umbrellas. Its apertures allow air to circulate and dry your umbrellas quickly and efficiently. Umbrella Stand is a beautiful, practical addition to any home. It diverts attention away from your wet, crumbled umbrellas. You’ll never have to worry about getting your interiors wet once you get it.


Glossy Umbrella Stand design


For an umbrella stand to make a statement, it has to be simple and elegant. Moreover, why would you put your umbrellas in anything less? Umbrella Stand is so elegant you’ll be motivated to find other uses for it during dry spells. It is the ultimate entryway piece for your contemporary home. Don’t you think the Umbrella Stand makes a perfect gift item?