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If you are a follower of traditional American furniture and want to get the most for your dollar, the Millennium collection from Ashley Furniture is a must see. Ashley can minimize their production and distribution costs resulting in a reasonably priced, high-quality product.

Shown here are the poster bed and dining room collections with very close attention to detail, solid woods, and burl veneers creating a most classical look. Ashley has a very extensive line including children’s furniture, sofa groups, occasional tables and wall units.

A great feature about the Millennium furniture line is its classic styling. These pieces will always be in style even twenty years from now. The wood stain colors are very neutral which match well in almost in style home.

The color stain is important when looking at traditional furniture. People opt to have most of their stains be a similar shade of darkness or lightness. Ashley has taken care of that challenge in their Millennium line.

Another great feature is that this is a long-standing line of furniture in their showrooms. We often receive inquiries where people are looking for specific pieces that are no longer manufactured. Let’s face it.

Not all of us can afford the dining table set, buffet, and a hutch all at one time. It is nice to know that those pieces will still be available a few years from now.

I am a big fan of their dining room line. A formal dining set up has always had a special place with me. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other meals are perfect for more style as offered by Ashley Millennium. Entertaining guests is also much more fun when you have a dining room that you can be proud of.

This furniture is not ideal for everyday eating for children. We recommend that you have a more casual dining place for kids whether it be a small dinette set or a counter with bar stools.

Millennium by Ashley Furniture

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