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Moving Into A New House Checklist

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Bought a new house? You must be very excited for sure.

Understandably, this phase is overwhelming for anyone. There is a lot of excitement about moving into a new place, adjusting to a new environment, getting a new shift in your life and adjusting to such change. Deep down, we also know that moving to a new place is a tough job.

On the one hand, you might plan about throwing a party. But on the other side, there are also some demise feelings for leaving a house where you stayed for quite a time, where you have many memories and sentiments attached.

Therefore, in this whole emotional and mental hustle and bustle, things get messier. Moving to a new house is like a two-phase setup. The first part is about moving in and settling down in the new house.

It includes pre-moving tasks of checking and testing requirements before settling, getting the fixes, repairs, and upgrades, completing the compliance work, etc. This phase is like project management, as it requires extensive planning, execution, supervision, and completion of tasks, and home security checks to make sure the new area is what you are looking for.

And just like any other project, if planned and executed well, it saves many resources in terms of money, time and mental peace.

Once you get done with the phase, then you finally get into the zone of “living and adjusting” in your new place. This is where you get into the routine with a new place, with having to worry more about any task related to moving. This is when you observe the new changes in your life, as per the new place. In simple words, this is when you can feel “home”.

Since we understand the importance of careful management of pre-moving tasks, let’s explore some things to check and taken care of before moving into a new house.

Check The Electricity Plumbing and Other Utilities

Foremost, it is crucial to put your focus towards utilities, as any mishap or lack lustering would cause many inconveniences in time and money. Before moving out, one must inform their utility service providers to disconnect their service in the coming days, to avoid unnecessary billing or wastage of resources.

Similarly, before moving into a new place, it is important to check the availability and current situation of utilities present. It is wise to contact and ask for internet and phone line connections around your shifting dates.

Particularly, with water services and plumbing, it is vital to get everything checked and repaired before moving. This all can be done by hiring quality service professionals like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa. In this way, one can save a lot of time and schedule tasks smartly.

Check The Measurements of Your New Home

To avoid any crucial furniture shifting challenges, one must look at the measurements and layouts of the new house. Any blueprint of the size and design of the house can be beneficial. In this way, you can measure and match the interior spaces and your furniture to plan exactly where to put and place them. It will also help the furniture moving services while shifting your furniture and other fixtures.

Check For Bugs Insects and More

Before moving into the new house, one of the important things is to look around every nook and corner of the house. Spend some time with serious concentration and attention to drains, bins, etc to look out for any bugs, insects, and bacteria in the house.

The idea is to get your new house disinfected to keep your family safe and healthy. We should do thorough fumigation to clear any doubts regarding any viruses or harmful elements in the house.

Check The Closet Systems

Nothing can curb OCD instincts than an organized, well settled and fitted closet with your clothes stacked in it nicely. Instead of getting settled in the house and then look out for the arranging and having the closet sorted, check it out in the first place before moving in.

Installing and placing required closets will save an immense amount of time and inconvenience beyond realization. DIYs can be a good option but it will take more time and trial and error to get the thing finished.

Professional Installers are good value for money as they can understand your requirements easily and get the job done within a reasonable time with after service too. You should plan such service while looking for the measurement of the house as you can buy relevant closets as per your requisites timely.

Having the closet requirement arranged before moving can save some painstaking, after all, who would like to have first week clothes (after moving in) piled in stacks with wrinkles all the way and you won’t have to live out of a suitcase too.

The below all-in-one kit has approximately 132 inches of hanging space and 216 inches of shelf space (includes 36 inch shoe shelf). Configuration for 5 ft. to 8 ft. wide closets, shelving is 12 inches deep. Features a 36 inch shoe shelf.

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Check Your Nearest Pharmacy, Schools, Healthcare and Hospitals

Another most critical thing is to look out for an adequate and relevant healthcare facility near your new home. You can’t look out for hospitals around; one must need to assess their medical requirements first. You can discuss with your current doctor what hospitals it requires for you, your family, and even your pets.

Once you get such requirements sorted, look around for such availabilities. Please consider the quality of services offerings, the experience of doctors and official ratings of the hospital in making your decision. And last, don’t rely on the ratings even and visit the facility to make your final decision.

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Who Are Your Neighbors

No one would decline a helping hand, a guide or even mere support while moving into a new place. And the sense of unknowing takes time to go away. Therefore, it is a valid prospect of getting to know people around and be friends with them. It also indicates about the locality, norms and matters consider while living in this new area. Therefore, make some cookies, go around the neighborhood and say “Hi” to your new neighbors.

Very Important Home Security Fittings

Once you get your place checked and verified, it’s time to consider the security systems of your new home. The core idea is to prevent your home from any unauthorized access or intrusion from anyone.

You need to check and make you that the current home security system is adequate and foolproof, CCTV cameras and related display are working fine. Locking systems are strong enough to be relied upon. However, it is recommended to replace the older locks with newer ones anyways, as in this way only you and your family will have the keys and access.

You need to check and ensure that smoke detectors and alarms are working fine, and fire extinguishers are installed and working within the mere distance. Also, you need to understand and devise an emergency fire exit route plan for your family, in case of any catastrophe or emergency.

To get all the health and safety measures intact, you should hire home security consultants to review the location and recommend further security measures.

Wireless Security Camera System

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They come equipped with motion detection and email alert. Smart notifications with email/ snapshot alerts will be pushed to your smartphone when motion is detected. Customize your own detection plan and zone for each camera, you will get extra peace of mind by receiving instant alerts and get notified of what’s happening

You can remote access simultaneously on smart devices at any time, anywhere with Wi-Fi/ 2G/ 3G/ 4G. You will never miss out on a moment with remote and local playback, no matter where you are.

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Check The Childproofing of Your New Home

Before moving into the new house, check out your new house with an additional layer of security and consideration beyond the usual security system, i.e. Childproofing or baby proofing. It refers to make your house safe and sound regarding your baby or toddler.

Look out for the possible hazardous areas for your babies and ensure precautionary procedures for your kid. Consider installation of window guards and floor mattress mats to avoid accidental trip overs etc.

This step is crucial that any unwanted harm to your kid can demoralize your happiness of moving into a new home, along with required extensive care of the kid.

What Are The Local Schools Like

One of the most crucial yet easy to forget matters in moving to a new house is to look out for suitable school change for the kids. Including informing the current school about the move and registration of your child in a new school is a daunting task and takes massive time and effort.

An easy way is to look out online about the schools in your new house area and find relevant options for your kid. Another way can ask the neighbors or your coworkers to recommend any credible school around.

This can work better than you usually get a raw and hands-on opinion, and it is a good ice-breaker to build rapport with the neighbors too. Once shortlisted, they recommend to visit the schools along with your child to see around whether it aligns with your desired academic requirements and your child’s preference too.


As discussed, moving to a new house is a daunting phase on its own. No matter how much you plan and taking every nitty-gritty into account, you will miss out on something.

Therefore, be ready for surprises, challenges, changes and some positive events too. But stay calm and do your homework precisely and extensively.

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