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Lockheed Lounge Chair

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Trying to justify spending one or two thousand on that beautiful new chaise lounge you have your eye on, this will help! The Lockheed Lounge chair reminiscent of something the aerospace industry may have produced is a well-rounded metal structure that takes on a fresh look from all angles.

Designer Marc Newson’s 1986 gift to the privileged few, ten to be exact, gives truth to the mass production theory and it’s affect on an items price. This beautiful yet firm chaise lounge sold at Christies famed auction house for an astonishing $1.5 million to a well-funded admirer.

Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge chair

Micarta Chair

Designer Marc Newson gives new life to a straight line by playing with the possibilities to create a functional chair from a single, uninterrupted line molded into an innovative shape.

The Micarta Chair from Marc Newson’seponymous label is a unique, visually arresting accent piece for your home or office.  The simple design is captivating because of its unusual inspiration, paying tribute to Newson’s creativity and design prowess.

His ability to transform a single line into beautiful and functional furniture in such an unexpected way is sophisticated and whimsical at the same time.

The Micarta chair by Marc Newson is a conversation starter from the moment your guests see it.  The angles and shapes are carefully designed to be ergonomic and comfortable, with a sloped seat and flared backrest for support.  The rich, bold red color is striated in different shades along the same direction as the folded line to add depth and highlight the geometric nature of the design.

Its open concept looks lightweight and defies gravity, making it all the more entertaining to sit down on the floating seat and enjoy.  Experience the creative possibilities of a single line with Marc Newson’s Micarta chair and your definition of furniture design will be challenged like never before.  Does the exciting shape of the Micarta Chair capture your imagination and inspire you to rethink the possibilities within a straight line?

Micarta Chair by Marc Newson


Classic Felt Chair

You may have seen my article on the Lockheed Lounge by designer Marc Newson and the astronomical price it fetched in an auction at Christies, $1.5 million to be exact. Well Marc’s other well know creation, the Felt Chair from Cappellini (1989) has been cemented as a modern day classic produced in a variety of materials for a most versatile seat.

The production covers chairs made in leather, felt, and fiberglass in various colors with a single leg in polished aluminum. This modern chair can be used indoors or outdoors for the most stylish patio furniture on the block.

Recently a leather prototype popped up for sale in Paris at a price of $870K infuriating Newson who explained “the Felt Chair is still in production at a modest $3684 from UnicaHome”.

He further added ” I feel sorry for anyone who would pay that much for a prototype especially one that I never authorized.”

67x106xh.86 cm

Marc Newson Felt Chair Modern


Nimrod Chair

Designer Marc Newson has a penchant for turning the simple into the extraordinary with furniture that turns the traditional in its head.  Every piece challenges tradition for a unique and completely modern look. Here is the Nimrod Chair.

Basic lines take on new and unexpected life in his collections, and the Nimrod Chair is no exception to this rule. The futuristic, bold chair features a smooth, streamlined and molded base.

The low profile form of the Nimrod Chair by Marc Newson has two slightly raised surfaces to anchor the seat and backrest cushions, each one upholstered in your choice of fabric colors.

Make a surprising statement by selecting a contrasting color for the base of the Nimrod Chair, or a soothing monochromatic color scheme. This piece of furniture may be simple in form, but the possibilities for the color palette provide endless ways for you to put your own custom twist on this contemporary, minimalist, piece.

The clean, basic lines and shapes in Marc Newson’s designs lend themselves to accenting any room, residential or commercial. From living rooms to waiting rooms, lobbies to offices, the Nimrod contributes a bright spot of color and style that you can personalize to reflect your own brand of futuristic and contemporary furniture.

Get creative and choose a color palette that launches the décor of your room into the 21st century and beyond.  How will you make the Nimrod Chair a part of your contemporary style?

Nimrod Chair by Marc Newson

Nimrod Chair by Marc Newson