The Age of Enlightenment: 10 Pieces of Illuminated Wall Art 1
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To some, wall art is simply something to cover up a vast, blank space.  To others, it’s an opportunity to display intensely personal emotions, convey a particular aesthetic sensibility or tell a story about their own lives, dreams and desires.  Traditionalists and modernists alike can find joy in illuminated wall art, depending on the method of lighting, the tale behind a piece’s craftsmanship and the presentation of the piece itself.  From cheeky mathematic iconography and bold botanical line art to abstract shapes and DIY branch installations, today’s series presents a vast array of ways to light up your life rather literally.  So sit back, turn off the lights and enjoy a little unexpected enlightenment.

10 Pieces of Illuminated Wall Art


mathematical art


botanical lightbox


orange wall art


custom light wall


illuminated stained glass


modern black and white wall art


lighted metal art


DIY natural wall art


Panton light display