Ready for a new rocking chair design? How about one that can change shapes and even accommodate more than one person at a time? The Sway rocking chair, designed by Markus Krauss, is one such project. This seating solution will rock you all day long and, in order to keep things interesting, it can offer you two different shapes that can better fit with your swaying needs. And in case you’ll want to share your rocking with someone else, well that’s possible too, since the generous width has the extra space that other rocking chairs don’t offer. I like the clean stark lines and the firm seat cushions that retain their shape and offer nice support. This chair would be perfect for reading or movie watching because it allows you to get into several positions and the loose cushion is great for additional comfort. I think the concept of this design is really interesting and shows how a design can offer two different different ways to use it by simply changing the direction of the user. If you are looking for the perfect reading chair take a look at these 10 that are a good place to explore the perfect book.

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