Architettura Sonora Sphere 360

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If you had enough of traditional speakers that usually are going to destroy your interior or exterior design, then take a look at the Sphere 360 omnidirectional speaker from Architettura Sonora.

Terracotta garden sound system

Architettura Sonora is a unique and innovative audio brand launched in 2009 in Italy as a division of the B&C Speakers Group, and has become in no time a pioneer in the audio industry. Company’s name means in Italian “architects of sound” and this is truly a well deserved name. Each speaker designed by Architettura Sonora is a work of art that intends to create a focal point and at the same time provide high-performance sound.

Standard Stone subwoofer

The Sphere 360 omnidirectional speaker is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors and as the materials used to build it are extracted from earth, it is virtually impossible to find similar pieces. Every speaker of the collection is built to match the widest array of uses, whether functioning as a single unit to enhance the atmosphere of a space, or next to other modules to fill a larger area and provide the highest quality sound.

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Sphere 360 omnidirectional speaker collection

Classic lines and clean detailing make the Sphere 360 an eye catching work of art, available in a wide range of materials and finishes like marble onyx, travertine, galestro, Tuscan terracotta and other stone finishes, in order to adapt to any type of environment. The 68 pound spherical speaker stands 19 inches high by 14 inches wide
The piece is available as a loudspeaker, or you can also choose the sub woofer version.

architects of sound

The 8-ohm sound module has a nominal impedance of 8 0hms and a rated frequency response of 50Hz to 15kHz. The Sphere 360 omnidirectional speaker is engineered to look stylish but at the same time capable of reproducing omni-directional sound. Architettura Sonora’s Sphere speakers have 89dB sensitivity and a peak power of 300W.

Architettura Sonora Sphere 360

interior marble speaker

Architettura Sonora sound speaker