Studio Stirling is best known for its wide collection of designer swing chairs, and now introduces a new model, the Sling hanging chair.
Unlike the other, more complicated, designs from Studio Stirling, the Sling is distinguished by the purity and simplicity of its concept. This piece features a unique circular frame with a leather seat and a comfortable head cushion. The chair does include the hardware required to hang it and its a perfect addition to any modern interior design. Sling is the perfect spot to read a good book, chill with a glass of wine or just take a nap in the warm summer and a fun design addition to any room.amazing swing design If you have the space, a designer swing indoor chair is beautiful, comfortable and will also offer you and your family a great comfortable place to sit and enjoy the day.
The Sling chair can be used inside or outside, but being made of leather, when placed in the outdoors it is recommended to be placed in an area where its protected from rain and snow. The chair has a diameter of 100 centimeters and a depth of approx. 35 centimeters.

designer swing chairThe style of the chair contours to the body and its made to offer maximum comfort. The swing itself weighs a total of 5 kilograms, making this one of the lightest hanging chairs available on the market.
This amazing type of accent chairs bring a special point of attraction in every living room or deck area, making them ideal not only to fill an empty space but also a perfect addition to any family home or even hotel room.
Sling, with its simple, vintage inspired shape, is an elegant piece of furniture that looks simply amazing. From a simple object can easily turn into the only thing you’ll need after a working day.

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