Rene, the Wooden Wall-mounted Bicycle Storage by Zilio Aldo

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Rene is a wall-mounted bicycle storage with extra space for hanging a helmet or a jacket. Rene wall-mounted bicycle storage is a perfect combination of stylish and functional design that gets your bike neatly tidied away while really making the most of the available space. A furniture item that can be especially useful if you need to accommodate a bike in a small home hallway or even a garage. Lifting them off the floor helps avoid muddy marks too. Bicycle popularity is increasing in all cities around the world, but finding space for your beloved two-wheeled vehicle in modern homes, characterized by limited dimensions, can sometimes be a real problem.

Tomoko Azumi design If sleek, clean and contemporary is your thing, then this is the storage solution for your bike. This wall mounted bicycle storage solution is made from a wood structure and is a handy idea for smaller living spaces. The main feature of this item is that it is an absolutely universal bicycle rack. With sledge like steam-bent wooden structure, Rene is furnished from a fabric sling in four color choices, and it is Supplied also with a metal hook. The discrete design makes it suitable for most interiors and can also be used as luggage holder or as coat hanger when not holding a bike.

rene bike storage solution

Tomoko Azumi, the designer behind this project is also a bicycle enthusiast and designed a wooden furniture to store bicycles that looks good inside home, based on his personal needs. Her product is manufactured under de Zilio Aldo brand.
Based in the historic Manzano chair district, Zilio A&C is a family-run company, producing high quality wooden chairs and furnishings for over 60 years. The company’s passion for producing chairs and complementary furniture in fine woods its mixing the Italian traditional craftsmanship with the use of modern technologies and an international design ethos .

wall-mounted bike storage

wall-mounted bicycle storage