Modern storage shed

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Adding on to your home doesn’t have to mean putting a room (or rooms) out of commission for a few weeks or months. In fact, you can have an entirely additional space, touching no part of your current home. We are not talking here about a garden shed.

Prefabricated sheds are a relatively simple way to add a home office, fitness studio, guest house, the list goes on, to your property. Best of all, they can be fabricated off-site and delivered to you, and they’re often small enough so you won’t need a permit to install one on your property.

If you need an extra office, more storage space, a pool house, a media room or somewhere you can escape from the rest of the family and find some solitude, Modern Shed has something for you. They design their prefabricated sheds for quick assembly with as few tools as possible. They pack all Modern Sheds flat with all the panels pre-built and finished, and the more livable Studio Shed comes with pre-insulated walls and roof panels.

Modern storage shed

Mcombo Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed Utility Tools Organizer Garden Lawn with Lockable Double Doors 1400 (Natural)
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Studio Cabin Garden House Kit

  • Ideal home office | Total floor area 227 SQF | Inside floor area 193 SQF
  • Contemporary urban styling | Large windows allow abundance of natural light
  • Suitable for environments where the classic cabin style does not fit
  • Front height of structure: 8′ 6″ | Roof pitch 2 degrees
Allwood Arlanda XL | 227 SQF Studio Cabin Garden House Kit
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Tiny House Plans

Modern shed or Tiny House. Both of these ideas need plans. Take a look at some of the tiny house plans for your new modern shed ideas.
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